A Harvest Club Challenge

IMG_3257On June 3rd, 2017, The Harvest Club gathered to make history. Meeting on an orange grove as old as Orange County itself, our Harvesters did what they do best; picking the fruit off the last remaining 50 orange trees to help feed thousands of our food insecure neighbors.

This year, the Harvest Club decided to do something different and pick the entire grove in a single day. 70 volunteers answered the call and were challenged to pick 5,000 pounds in 6 hours. 3 hours in and they had already picked 6,000.

By the end of the day, they had picked enough servings of oranges for 23,000 people!


This harvest broke so many records for the Harvest Club! It was the most volunteers at a single harvest, the most pounds picked in a single day, and the most people fed in a single weekend.


For all of you that participated, in any way, thank you! We are always amazed by the generosity and commitment our volunteers, donors, and partners show to the Harvest Club, but never has it been made so clear to us just how dedicated and loyal the Harvest Club community has become. The impact you have made on this community is immeasurable, touching everyone from the person receiving the fruits of your labor, to the growers in need of a little help getting the fruit off their tree. We are truly grateful for all that you do!