A Harvest Club Record!

20160611_105934Congratulations Harvest Club! You have already reached our 50,000-pound annual goal. In 6 months!

This is an amazing, record breaking accomplishment, something we have never been even close to seeing before. It is hard to express exactly how deep our gratitude to our Harvesters, Harvest Captains, and Growers goes, but please know, that if you have ever participated in the Harvest Club in any capacity, we are so grateful to you.

We could gush on and on about how wonderful all our glorious volunteers and donors are and every last word of it would be true. However, I think actions speak louder than words. So save the date! September 24th will be our Harvest Club Appreciation Lunch. Join us as we celebrate all the people who have helped us reach this amazing milestone from our volunteers and drivers to our donors and distributors.