A Sweet Summer for the Harvest Club

Summer as a season can be pretty sweet. The kids are off from school, fresh fruit is available in abundance, and the cool ocean breeze invites us to escape the heat. For the Harvest Club, this summer was particularly sweet. Between June and August, the harvest club picked over 20,000 pounds of fresh food!


As awesome as that is, it gets even better. In the first week of August, we were proud to announce that in its entire lifetime the Harvest Club has picked over 200,000 pounds! That’s enough to feed more than half a million people in our community!

IMG_0593 (1)

Because of that, this post is a shout out to all of you! It is because of our growers, harvesters, and supporters that we have made it this far. Whether you harvest with us every month, or shared your fruit with us once a couple years ago, everyone here at the Harvest Club gives you a huge thank you!