Abundance in 2014

Written by volunteer Pamela Stone:

Harvest Club volunteers and donors can wave goodbye to 2014 with the sweet knowledge that their work yielded a staggering 52,000 pounds of delicious and nutritious produce for families across Orange County.

This 52,000 pound figure represents the largest annual collection yet in our five years of work as the Harvest Club. Nine hundred active Harvest Club volunteers contributed more than 1,650 hours to yield 2014’s life-affirming bounty.

Congratulations and a hearty thank you to our organizers, pickers, and drivers, and to the generous land, tree, and garden owners who elected to share their crops.


In 2015 we’re looking forward to many new partnerships like the one recently begun with young people from Garden Grove’s Pacifica High School. Led by biology teacher Steve Doucette and Get Inspired’s own Nancy Caruso, the Pacifica High School group collected over 200 pounds of fruit and produce during one weekend in December. The group then distributed their harvest to local families through the Orange County Food Bank and a women’s shelter.


We welcome the new year and ponder: how many more partnerships…how many more pounds…how many more people picking produce and promoting prosperity? Potential!