A Year in Review: 2017

The Harvest Club is on its way out of the office to celebrate the season with family. But before we go, we wanted to wish all our Harvesters, Growers, and supporters Happy Holidays! As a thank you gift, we thought … Continued

A Note of Gratitude

2017 is shaping up to be another wonderful year for the Harvest Club, and sometimes we just need to take the time to celebrate. So, in September we took a weekend off from harvesting to do just that. OC Food Access Coalition … Continued

Pickin’ Panther’s Produce

There is so much fruit in Orange County, and so little time to save it! Fortunately, the Harvest Club is not alone in its quest to bring it all into the hands of our hungry neighbors. The Harvest Club is … Continued

A Harvest Club Challenge

On June 3rd, 2017, The Harvest Club gathered to make history. Meeting on an orange grove as old as Orange County itself, our Harvesters did what they do best; picking the fruit off the last remaining 50 orange trees to … Continued

Don’t Exterminate, Relocate!

By Leslie Grace Sulite Photograph by Sonora Ortiz Did you know that 30% of our food supply is pollinated by the honeybee? That’s 1 out of every 3 bites of food we take! When you see a bee hive on your … Continued

A Most Fruitful Year

Happy Holidays Harvest Club! This year, our office will be out for the last week of 2016, but I wanted to share with you the impressive final numbers before we left. Because they are truly amazing. In 2016, 435 volunteers donated … Continued

A Harvest Club Record!

Congratulations Harvest Club! You have already reached our 50,000-pound annual goal. In 6 months! This is an amazing, record breaking accomplishment, something we have never been even close to seeing before. It is hard to express exactly how deep our … Continued

No Books in This Library

Written by Michael Wang A new movement is beginning. Libraries are centers of reading, learning, and quiet contemplation, but they are expanding their spectrum of resources to provide not only books to the public but also gardening seeds. Across the nation, libraries … Continued

Record Breaking Winter

If you have been following our Facebook page you might already be aware, but the Harvest Club has had its best winter to date. Of the last five months, four of them have broken new records for our monthly goals, sometimes … Continued

On a New Years, Captains, and El Niño

Welcome to the New Year everyone! I hope when you all look back on 2015, it is with smiles and fond memories. It was certainly a successful year for the Harvest Club. In 2015, we had 360 volunteers donate over … Continued