Don’t Exterminate, Relocate!

By Leslie Grace Sulite

Sonora Bee Hive 1

Photograph by Sonora Ortiz

Did you know that 30% of our food supply is pollinated by the honeybee? That’s 1 out of every 3 bites of food we take!

When you see a bee hive on your property, reconsider that phone call to the exterminators and make a call to your local bee rescuers instead. Bees will safely be rescued, removed and relocated ensuring that these valuable hives will continue to thrive and provide pollination and support to our local ecosystems.

Why should we rescue bee hives?

Over the past decade there has been an alarming rise in Colony Collapse Disorder, a phenomenon where worker bees of a hive or a whole colony of honeybees disappear. This is detrimental to our environment as bees are an indispensable player in our current ecosystems. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating a great amount of our agricultural crops, local farms, gardens and public parks.

Benefits of the rescuing the honeybeeshoneybowl

Honeybees were imported from Europe for the sole purpose of increasing agricultural crop yields and to feed an ever growing population. Despite their non-native origins, they are a valuable player to our environment and to our local communities.

  • Pollination by honeybees can lead to an increase in local food production in our local farms, public parks, and your backyard garden.
  • Because of the honey, honeycomb, pollen, beeswax and royal jelly that a colony of bees can produce, beekeeping can be a great small business and contribute to economic development.
  • With the use of pesticides, poor diet and disease, bee colonies have been dwindling. However, through rescuing these hives and beekeeping, diverse food choices can help these hives survive and thrive under the proper care.
  • Rescuing hives and beekeeping is a great way to reconnect with and appreciate the works of nature.

What should you do if you see a beehive on your property?

Don’t exterminate, relocate!

Remember that bees are here to help you and not hurt you. It is not recommended to remove and relocate beehives on your own since proper tools are required for safe removal and relocation of the hives. Improper removal of hives may lead to damage to your own property, health and to the hive and colony itself. Contact your local no-kill bee rescuers:

The Honeybee Hub: (949)342-5084

Backyard Bees: (714)501-5944

Bee safe, bee happy!