Fun Food Fact #6: Foods to Dye For

Although the sixties have been behind us for a while now, some people still like sporting tie-dye shirts around. If you are ever interested in dying your own clothing, this fun food fact is for you. Instead of using a dye kit from a craft store, you can dye your clothing with all-natural dyes from your favorite foods!



Conventional dyes can contain heavy metals such as iron and tin. The dyes commonly used in the textile industry not only cause concern for the environment but could have health implications for the consumer as well. Some food items which can be used to dye clothing are blueberries, spinach and beetroot! These food items will dye your clothing  different shades of blue, green and pink or red.


Some unusual food items which you can use to dye your clothing include onion skins for a brown pigment, red cabbage for a red or pink color, and turmeric for a yellow shade.

For additional information on how to dye your clothes with your favorite foods visit planet-science.

Photos Courtesy of The Riley Eye and  Lionbrand.