On a New Years, Captains, and El Niño

Welcome to the New Year everyone! I hope when you all look back on 2015, it is with smiles and fond memories. It was certainly a successful year for the Harvest Club. In 2015, we had 360 volunteers donate over 1,100 hours of their time to pick nearly 49,000 pounds of fruit!


We have a couple of things to watch out for in 2016. First, we are in desperate need of Harvest Captains to help us lead harvests this year. Without Captains, harvests cannot happen. Therefore, we are calling on the Harvest Club community to help us get a few more leaders in the field! Even if you can only lead a harvest once every two or three months, you are providing a huge help to the Harvest Club and hungry community in Orange County! If you would like to help, please e-mail me lharrison@ocfoodaccess.org.


The second thing to watch out for this year is El Niño storms. Although all that rain is great for the trees, it’s not so great for the harvesters trying to pick them. The safety of our volunteers is our number one priority. If we have any reason to believe that a storm has caused unsafe picking conditions, we will reschedule or cancel a harvest as necessary. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


To wrap up, I want to thank everyone that helped us in 2015. Whether you were a captain, a harvester, a grower, or a donor of another sort, none of this would have been possible without your support. With your help, the Harvest Club will only continue to grow this year. May you all have a very Happy New Year!