Pickin’ Panther’s Produce

There is so much fruit in Orange County, and so little time to save it! Fortunately, the Harvest Club is not alone in its quest to bring it all into the hands of our hungry neighbors. The Harvest Club is proud to announce the roll out of its new Fruit Rescue program in partnership with Chapman University to save the bountiful harvests growing in the yards of the houses the University owns.

Chapman University owns over 80 residential properties in Old Town Orange that house members of their faculty and staff. These beautiful, historic homes have been a part of Orange for almost as long as the city has existed. It is a true treat to be brought on to take care of these old trees so representative of Orange County’s heritage.

Since the start of the program, the Harvest Club has already rescued over 800 pounds of fresh oranges, grapefruit and kumquats from Chapman housing. With the help of our amazing volunteers, all 800 pounds (which is roughly 2,000 servings) was packaged and transported to Mary’s Kitchen and the Friendly Center, both in Orange.