Record Breaking Winter


If you have been following our Facebook page you might already be aware, but the Harvest Club has had its best winter to date. Of the last five months, four of them have broken new records for our monthly goals, sometimes by as much as 3,000 pounds.

IMG_0576We are expecting these wonderful achievements to move the goal posts we use to track our progress. For the last four years, the Harvest Club has dedicated itself to reaching an annual total of 50,000 pounds. In only the first three months of 2016, we are already half of the way there. At the time of writing, we have harvested exactly 25,438 pounds of fruit! To give you a frame of reference, this time last year, we had picked 12,797 pounds.

We have so many people we owe our gratitude to this year for our amazing growth. Once more, let me sing the praises of our harvesters, who show up week after week with smiles on their faces. Our growers also deserve our appreciation for their commitment to our community and warm welcome they extend to our volunteers. But there is one group of volunteers in particular that I would like to acknowledge for their dedication and generosity; our Harvest Captains.

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If you have ever harvested with us, you have undoubtedly worked with them. These are the men and women who lead their peers in harvests, connecting with growers, transporting both equipment and fruit, all while making sure everyone has fun and stays safe. Our Captains are seemingly tireless, sometimes taking on multiple harvests a month in an attempt to get as much fresh produce as possible to the food pantries. If it wasn’t for them, the Harvest Club would cease to exist. So next time you harvest, please give a huge thank you to Alyce, Amy, Ann, Cathy, Christine, Curtis, Dave, Dustin, Jeff, Jens, Kathy, Lucy, Melissa G., Melissa M., Ron, Susan, Suzanne and Timo. They are without a doubt our Harvest Club heroes.