What We Are Thankful For

On November 15th, 2015, Harvest Club contributors came together to enjoy a special meal just for them!

November is the perfect time of year to sit with those you care about and share what you are grateful for over a wonderful meal. It’s fitting then that the Harvest Club had an opportunity to do just that. Last Saturday, our wonderful Harvest Club Captains, Growers, and Harvesters, joined us for a special lunch, allowing us to express how thankful we are to have their help in ending hunger in Orange County.

It was a great event! Our amazing Harvest Captains and generous Growers came together and shared stores with our volunteers about past harvests.  Some fantastic homemade goodies were brought to share before left overs were divided off and sent home with everyone.

It was great to see everyone and meet some new faces! But I would also like to express the Harvest Club’s gratitude to all our contributors, not just those that joined us at lunch last weekend. So far this year, the Harvest Club has donated over 115,000 servings of fresh produce to local food banks. We wouldn’t be able to do that without the support of each and everyone one of you. Thank you!